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I have been married to Tracey for 35 years and we've lived in Mitcham for most of that time. Our children were born here, attended Mitcham Kindy & Mitcham Primary.


I've learned first hand how to manage costs and drive change through running my own successful small business over the last 35 years.  Always up for a challenge, I become a commercial pilot in my early 40's and flew helicopters for many years. Now semi-retired, with my son and daughter running the family business, I have the time to dedicate to the role of Mayor, and give back to the community that has given us so much.


As a previous Mayor I have been outspoken about the issues that matter most to you: downward pressure on rates, transparency and taking a tough stance against frivolous spending. I am not afraid to challenge the status quo, and actively worked with the CEO and other directors to ask questions about how and why our money is being spent. It has been my opinion that Council spends too much money on external reports, I introduced a motion to have the cost of such reports printed on their front page to encourage accountability and allow residents easy access to this information.

I declined a ratepayer funded vehicle, this money was returned to the budget. If re-elected I will provide my own transport!

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